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Nudes from Tumblr vol. 15

In an effort to evolve the site, I’ve decided to do things a little different this week with the Tumblr nudes.  But before that, a couple of items of interest.  I’ll be updating the directory tonight.  I haven’t for about a week because not many new models have come to light, especially from the big sites.  Tumblr collecting really jacks up the number of models available on the site, so I might be doing that once a week when I do the Tumblrs.  I’ll see.  Second, I have added a link to the sidebar to a Terry Richardson publication (I think), that I found this weekend called Richardson Mag.  Looks like a pretty cool site.  I saw some editorial style pictures of a topless Jenna Jameson, and some other interesting bits.  Just seems like the site doesn’t have much on it, not nearly as much as on this site.  Still, it’s a fun, on-topic site from a pretty trendy photographer, these days.

Photographer… which brings me to my point.  Since, sometimes, when a model is posted on a Tumblr, a photographer is credited, I will now include this credit in my post here if the picture is of sufficient merit.  I appreciate nude art more for the beauty of the models.  At the same time, I’ve neglected to men good photographers when their artistry is worth talking about, or at least creditable.  There are just so many photographers, professional and amateur, how can you give credit to someone guilty of clichéd photography and while seeking recognition for being an visionary?  What I mean is that there are some photographers who are more owners of expensive cameras with access to enviable artistic resources than they are true artists.

Of the pictures I came across, the notable photographers I credit for this post are David Bellemere, Michael Sloane, Michael Donovan, Mark Maggiori, Mariano Vivanco, Ludovic Sanchez, Walter Chin, Georgina Staikou, Tsikunov, Ruslan Lobanov, Mario Testino, Terry Richardson, Emilia Isaksson, Pim van Offeren,Tobias Lundkvist, Stephane Lepine, and Bertrand Photography.  I found an interesting behind the scenes picture of Kate Moss by Mario Sorrenti for the 2012 Pirelli calendar.

Also, I found a nude of the actress Carré Otis from the 1989 July issue of Vogue UK.  I only mention her because she was one the first women I really took time to appreciate nude when I was younger.  She was in this movie called Wild Orchid, with Mickey Rourke, whom she married eventually, apparently, and Playboy magazine did a spread about it due to the strong, sexual content.  If I remember correctly, all the sex scenes in the movie were laid out in what we call screen caps, today, sequential frames of the action.  I enjoyed them.  I found a clip of one of the sex scenes, recently (that I would have uploaded to the site to illustrate what I’m talking about, had I known I was going to come across this picture of Carré Otis.

Peta Todd topless Tumblr

There are so many great pictures in this update- over 300, this Peta Todd is a safe bet for the front page, just to say, you know what’s in here, no get your ass in here and check out the pictures.  Also, it looks like she’s looking up at what I wrote.

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Nudes from Tumblr vol. 13

Ryonen Go Uncropped cover

I called it. Last week’s set of the week definitely showed us a special model.  I didn’t discover or shoot Ryonen, but it’s not hard to see that she is top model stock.  Uncropped magazine had the same idea Hegre, putting Ryonen on the cover of their premiere issue.  Why should we be any different.  Ryonen gets her second front page in so many days.  We should be seeing a lot more of her, why not?  It’s another wonderful shot and set.  In fact, this entire Tumblr update is pretty brilliant.  I was kind of rushed doing it and didn’t collect the entire week of uploads, but of the 400 plus I did collect for you, you’re going to find something you like.  There’s some Helmut Newton, Stefan Grosjean, Mike Dowson, and much more.  Enjoy.
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Brooklyn Decker topless

Well, you asked for it, or I did, or everybody has been thinking it. Whatever, here is Brooklyn Decker topless. Now, for her to do some full frontal, or perhaps not. She might be better off just teasing a bit, but her body is so nice, I don’t see why she should continue being modest. If a celebrity waits too long it becomes anti climactic, sort of.  On a side note, it’s been revealed that Andy Roddick is balding, so that’s that.  This is from a Russell James photoshoot, apparently.

Brooklyn Decker topless black and white photo Russell James photoshoot